Sunday, August 16, 2015


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Anyone who buys a copy of my Beyond Silver Threads Spinner, and then emails me at, I'll email you back with a free copy of my winter-tale Playing White, mystery, 11 880 words, in a PDF:
Winter season. Winter holidays. Playing white chess. My 11880-word short story Playing white is set in St Petersburg. The main personage is Oscar Maria Graf, globe-trotter and younger contemporary of Oscar Wilde. A Stenbock-like figure, by his origin and his dabbling in literature, Oscar Graf is much hotter, more active and of greater vitality than Eric Stenbock (1860-1895) who is no more, by the time of the story. Time: the first year of Wilde’s imprisonment. On the Christmas eve, Oscar and his boyfriend Felix receive some news which whirls them away to a mystery of the past. All personages are aged 20+. Happy ending.
Thanks and enjoy! Author,