Sunday, July 26, 2015

the birthday gift

My birthday gift to myself. It's my latest novel Through the Baltic Looking-Glass.

Edwardian era mystery. Set in Europe in 1912, my novel “Through the Baltic Looking-Glass” is written in the form of travel notes by Oscar Maria Graf, observant globe-trotter, younger contemporary of Oscar Wilde. A Stenbock-like figure, by his origin and his dabbling in literature, Oscar Graf is much hotter, more active and pragmatic than Eric Stenbock (1860-1895) whom he was friend with, when he lived in London.
The book was previously self-published in a series of nice books. PART 1 “In the Island. Adventures”: The series of his adventures on a fictional island on the Mediterranean Sea seem to come to an end, when he receives a message from his homeland in the fictional Baltic country of Nyomanland. In the message, his cousin asks him to come home, because the cousin’s mother disappeared and something’s wrong at the household. Later, on his way, Oscar meets one mysterious foreigner of the name of Kornelis Aboleo Lord Ravensable von Holstein who travels along with his cousin Adrian Magnhus Lord Wolfhampton von Holstein. The foreigners stay in Brumburg, the main city of Nyomanland. PART 2 “On the Continent. Quest I”, PART 3 “On the Continent. Quest II”, PART 4 “Ghosts, Notes, and Other Evidence”, PART 5 “Liberties with the Dark”, PART 6 “Theatre des Noctambules”, PART 7 “Gay with Streamers”, PART 8 “Darkness to Illuminate”, PART 9 “From the Owl’s Wing to the Bat’s”. Word count 223 000

"Greek Fire" 
by Selected International Poets et al. I am one of the contributors.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

your trees

In love with trees. Fond of trees. Admiring trees.
Please, share your pictures of trees growing in unlikely places of cities !

This old tree is coming from the old stone wall. It is tall and living --

This tree is growing across the pavement, lonely. The crone is high above. The tree is curved but it’s growing high, taller than the two-storey building --

This tree is not fallen; it’s growing aslant. Will to Live --

This tree is growing from a stump, a sap shoot, with the young growth around --