Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hope Springs a Turtle

Hope Springs a Turtle is available to order now!!
This book is an ideal gift for the young and old showing everybody the importance and joy that hope brings.
Lara Biyuts is one of the contributors. Her poems’ titles in the anthology are 2: a poem from her novel "La Arme Blanche" and a poem "Secret".
The kindle ebook version is ISBN-13: 978-1481039130 and costs £3.40
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The money this book raises for the mental health charity can be seen on Lost Tower Publications website.

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This anthology is an eclectic collection of beautiful photographs and inspiring poetry from all over the planet, proving that hope is the power that unites everyone.


Snow. The town looking blind.
Light. No colours, only white.
Town--like a ship stuck fast in the ice.
Souls--lost in the universal vice.
Wind grasping a will of your will.
Stoned, you never thought it’s so real.
Town… But I know a secret. Listen:
the ice soon will thaw,
and your sunlit town will sail
at the height of springtide.
Lara Biyuts © 2007

poem from the novel La Arme Blanche

The long dark autumn-evenings came.
The greenish-smoky sea.
The milky shining foam in darkness.
Exalted pray within the soul,
and shining icy clearness in the mind.
On the dark autumn evening, hail oh winter,
which comes from the far mounts!
Oh messenger of springtime, ever new!
We meet each other at the plage, and there
we wander over boulder-stones.
Then we go home. At home,
we shall recall how we would wander.
That’s all, and nothing more. But we enjoy so much!
Tell me oh darling why?
Your lips in silence, in the long dark evening.
The soul is quiet like the sea. We are in hoar frost, in lilac silver.
Am I myself? Are you yourself right now?
Becalmed, the sea is like the soul; it plashes, slightly,
all over turquoise-clad, because of tenderness.
It moves, it breaths, it heeds.
You are so beautiful! How beautiful you are!
You’re waiting for springtime like springtime’s waiting
for you. You’ll meet each other, two springstimes, two lovely youths,
and our world will hardly be enough,
and other will be dreamt by you again:
you two, two springtimes will inevitably dream of frost,
its furs and diamonds, dawns and gloamings,
the rose-like frosting over panes, the ice-drifts and white sun.
The village’s sleeping. Snow-clad roofs
like flags of truce. It’s quiet oh so quiet.
In the defoliated shrubbery, a head of a Satyr shows menace.
The runners of a sleigh, on end, are gleaming. Heavenwards,
the soul flies. The mind is dreamless.

Lara Biyuts © 2010

Some comments:

“I loved the photos in this book, they took me on a spiritual journey around the world.”
“A beautiful book.”
The paperback is ISBN-13: 978-1481039130 and costs £11.69