Friday, February 15, 2013

the sequel


“I navigate and stop where I want, in command of my caprice, creative works and leisure; it’s difficult to imagine a greater and more sensible authority in the vital endeavour of consciousness full of constant movement. This power in its exclusiveness and absoluteness is equal to power of a sorcerer. Really, an author wakes people’s imagination, the imagination begins working and the people take the imaginative for real, for a moment, at least. An image turns into a vision, which scores the place of honour in any vivid imagination, by right of an actual reality, however odd it sounds. No other business could so successfully fuse into a single whole all treasures of life while preserving inviolable the most delicate design of my every effervescent joy. Jeopardy and omens, the forces of nature and my own ardour, the lights of a distant town and a wondrous unknown,  fleeting liaisons blossoming in rendezvous and partings and the fascinating turmoil of grand passion, faces, events and all the endless variety of life, while up above in the sky was now the sun, shining kindly or clouded, and the firm ground of knowledge, views and notions underfoot. All the continents are at my disposal, though my carriage is replete with my wondrous mighty homeland in shape of the books, which I had read or should read years ago, paintings, which I could not stop thinking about, my well-appointed room, and the flowers under glass. The silken strand of hair in a gold locket on my manly chest crowns my joy.” (Lara Biyuts. Lord Jocelyn)


Friday, February 01, 2013

about cats and s'more

Cat's Cradle Time Yarns (Time Yarns Anthologies) [Kindle Edition] Carol Sumilas Boshears (Author), Monica Brinkman (Author), Donnie Nelson (Author), Lara Biyuts (Author), Erin Lale (Author, Editor), Candy Korman (Author), Tony Thorne MBE (Author), Susannah MacDonald (Illustrator)
The Perihelion review of Cat's Cradle Time Yarns is published
"Drifting from science fiction to fantasy, Don Nelson’s ‘The Sleepy Cat’s Treasure Hunt’ is a pleasant dream of a tale, reminding me of happy childhood days gazing rapturously at my Little Golden Book, ‘Captain Kitty.’ Nelson’s story features a cat sailor and his crew dodging the cannon balls of Pirate Dogs in the land of Grey and Pink. It’s sheer fun and escapism."
"Russian author Lara Biyuts will charm cat lovers with ‘Tomcat’s True Story.’ Her descriptions of cat behavior ring true. The prose could use some polishing, but the disappearance of King Basil, the rise of King Innkentius, aka Ken, and the cleverness of Barrwick make this a memorable tale."
"Monica Brinkman’s ‘Punky’ is a simple tale of a shelter cat finding a home with a human mommy. The prose is a little clumsy, the story predictable but sweet." short...

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