Monday, March 05, 2012


Now is the springtime...

"March. Caterwauling in the dusk. 
Tender is the Night, though rather hoarse."-(Lara Biyuts about the novel Tender is the Night) 

3 small notes 
from my Facebook page, summed up here, on the blog:

1).Opera Montezuma (1755), by Carl Heinrich Graun (1704-1759), with the libretto written in French by Graun's patron, Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia.
As Vladimir Nabokov said about one of his paternal grandsires in the interview to the German TV, 1971, “…his wife, grandmother of my grandmother […] was a granddaughter of the composer Carl Heinrich Graun.”

2).In memory of Dmitri Nabokov (1934-2012).
my friends know that I am a huge fan of Vladimir Nabokov. His son Dmitri was born in 1934 (like my late father, merely in May, and my father in April. My father was a compatriot of Dmitri’s parents, and Dmitri’s birthplace was Berlin.) I little know about his life, merely, he appears as an angel-looking little boy in the book “Speak, Memory!” written by his father, and then, we can guess how much he did for his father’s and mother’s memory. (Someone will do it for his, I am sure.) With his death, his line is extinct which always was what his family enemies dreamt about, but his cousins are numerous in the world, as far as I know, (just like mine :/ ). R.I.P.

3).Recently, I translated the new book Terug naar Hiroshima–Return to Hiroshima written by Bob Van Laerhoven, Belgian Novelist (the 
Afterwards, I learnt that my work on the translation was in process of being finished/polished at the hours when Dmitri Nabokov was dying in the hospital in Vevey, Switzerland on February 22, 2012, and at heart, I dedicated this translation to D.N., whose work for his father’s memory I always appreciated, all the more that I love the book Return to Hiroshima as a reader, believing it is an excellent fiction/thriller/detective fiction, worth reading and translating. Here is the fragment in English:

Finally, at Toni Grace Sinns' website, you can read my interview and more mentions of V. N.: