Monday, July 25, 2011

the mysterious date

Today is a birthday of Nina Berberova (1901-1993), the Iron Lady who was an author of the book about the other Iron Lady. Happy birthday to us and everyone who was born on 26 July !
As I wrote in my old blog on the, in my life, I read a lot of published diaries, memoirs and letters written by historical persons or literary characters who lived in different times, and I always looked for the date 26 July in the notes, wishing to know what happened in the lives of my favorite writers and their personages on the day. But in vain. Without going into particulars, I never found this date; all the authors, as if on purpose, avoided any mention of26 July, and some of them omitted the very month July. Only in one novel by one English writer 26 July was the eve of an important, crucial event in the narrator’s life.
But that’s not enough--that’s why one of the main characters of my novel, the boy of the name of Jocelyn was born on 26 July.
Happy Birthday, our dear boy! Creates not one’s will but one’s imagination; the world is what we’ve made. Say to yourself: it’s easy--and you’ll make worlds and move all mountains. Your organs are all right: the heartbeat counts eternal motion, the lungs imperishable, the guts turns the carnal communion into energy and rejects all chemical waste. Prostate and liver, glandules and kindles, the concentration and altars of higher spheres, are consonant. No alarming signs or pain; your arms, your ears are all right, your mouth is moistened, your nerves are endurable and sound. If working hard, you are close to overtiring yourself, your subconsciousness will check you, on the instant. Beneficently tired, in the evening, you’ll fall asleep till daybreak. The sound dreamless sleep will wash away all yesterday’s troubles, recovering your balance, and you’ll be cheerful and joyous like everyone when he is young, awakening at dawn, in springtime, overfilled with happiness; your friends, home, things of choice around; a wave is murmuring, the mountains are shining in the skyline. All what disturbed, angered, feared, all delusions, fears, offences glide sidelong, on background, like shadows, without disturbing your internal quietness. Be proud, wise and patient; love your takes-off and falls. Love both inflows and ebbs of happiness, both humans and the life in all diversity. Open your eyes and gulp the vivifying water of the elemental life, joyous and eternal.

The summer heat will moderate very soon, maybe on this very day, and everything will be all right again.

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