Thursday, February 10, 2011

life among things

Perhaps it sounds unexpected, but below there are photos of some old things which there are at my household and which I could see in some TV detective mini series that is those were similar things, copies.

The old German statuette of a dog I could see in one episode of CSI on a shelf  as a part an interior in a victim’s apartment--

The clock, the china vessel with wine-glasses, and the statuette of a writing boy I could see in 3 modern day Russian TV detective stories, rather good--

For me, a detective fiction big fan, these coincidences are so dear.

plea for help 

At present, on the Net, I try to find a photo or description or mention of one old mechanical toy/automation, 18th or 19th century, in shape of a big framed picture on a wall. Everyone knows what the wondrous devices look like, 18th or 19th century or earlier and more ancient, but I am searching for the one which I saw with my own eyes in a 1960s French movie (the title and link I can give), and then I saw anything of the kind never again (neither on TV, nor in another movie, nor in a magazine nor on the Net) which is strange, because the curio was amazingly nice. Perhaps it was a sort of a musical box, only made in shape of a framed canvas. In the picture I could see a young piano-player and his listeners and home pets around. When the mechanism is on, all the flat figures in the picture begin moving and the sweet music begin to sound: the piano-player begins moving his hands, the listeners begin moving their heads and hands rhythmically, a dog begins moving its little tail. A moving picture, yet not a movie or animation, but an old mechanical picture/toy. According to my latest search, it may be called “antique musical picture frame” and can be found in a museum only.

Life among things and humans and fine arts.
Just listen to the music. Maybe you know it, but it is my own recent discovery--

Watch my kitty new video and listen to the nice instrumental music given to me as a present by the author of the music. Cannot be unseen--


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