Saturday, December 11, 2010

the new pink bunny

My first pink bunny is from the UK, by a mere chance

and this pink bunny, a 4GB flash driver is from Hong-Kong

My no bra photos in pink

“More curious than enforced, I’ve got up, and my daily routine is about to begin. Reaching for the looking-glass, the old, tarnished, silver one that used to belong to my grandmother, I proceed to take a look filled with admiration that fades as quickly as the years. I still look great, only… not as great as I once looked when I wore my hair down in the long flowing style that set me apart from everyone else. I touch my hair--a part of the routine--it is much much shorter now yet still very rich and shining and still chestnut, and when my eyes grow cold, like they always do, and the look is coming, the look I never share with anyone but myself, I gaze a while longer before setting the looking-glass down. Walking away I know oh so well that I shall return to hold the looking-glass since the looking-glass always holds me.”

Facebook. “JA is a mere felon. How many users want to be hacked and leaked? As we can see, only few people have courage to declare against him even on this forum. Hacker. We are full of fear.”-- Right after this my recent speaking out on the anti JA page, two copies of my two books were sold on Smashwords, and now I ask myself who is that purchaser, a friend or an enemy--any author is so attackable--on the other hand, the purchaser may be only my admirer, who wants to give me a chance to have some additional money. At any rate, I suspect, a new author should undertake the risky comments like mine oftener in order to be read.

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