Friday, June 04, 2010

la maison blanche

*fluff of choice*

On the website, I had a group Fluff of Choice, where my reader still can find some pictures of fluffy things and my kitties.

This fluffy pink monster is a piggy who can sing a song.

My pink bunny. I could not find a pink bunny anywhere in my town, and then I did some searching on the eBay, and there I lately purchased the bunny. By a mere chance the toy is from the UK. He has not a name thus far. In my view, he looks like a teddy-bear and a piggy at the same time.

This is my laptop. His name is MyDove.

My kitty Sophie the Sun.

This my video is entitled “Sophie. Early Period.”--for cat lovers.

read Story of Sophie, published on my Scribd page:

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